Cable IP EdgeQAM Modulator

Product Overview

Cable TV IP EDGE QAM Modulator is designed to support a variety of applications including Video-on-Demand (VOD), Digital Video Gateway (IP to QAM),Modular Cable Modem Termination System (M-CMTS). It makes full use of the bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet;a single machine can support 8 to 48 QAM channels,and can flexiblely place at the headend, branch headend or the convergentpoint of fiber optic.

IPQ6800 provides a solution with high density,high flexibility,high quality and lower price for the broadcast and television operators to develop VOD service.It multiplexes the program streams which input from multiple GbE-IP backbones network to specified multi- service transport stream, and then go through with QAM modulation and frequency conversion, and finally output RF.

IPQ6800 The chassis has six QAM RF module slots; each module has two QAM RF ports. Each port is capable of supporting up to 4 adjacent and/ or non-adjacent QAM channels on ITU-T,J.83A, The system can host two AC power supplies,which are redundant to each other.


Up to 6 QAM module board per chassis containing 2 RF ports capable of outputting up to 4 QAM channels each module board
ITU-T J.83A encoding type
Up to 48 qam channel high density,1U case
RF frequency:47-1000MHz
4×SFP GbE IP input,optical or electrical ports
Output bandwidth:8Mhz
Output data symbol:3.6-6.952Mbaud/s
Output level:105dBuv-120dBuv ,0.5step
PCR anti- Dithering capacity is less than 500ns
Support MPTS,SPTS,DATA stream inputs type
1+1 dual power redundancy backup to insure the stability of system
2+2 double optical or electrical interface redundancy backup to insure the reliability of data transmission
Support Hot-plug module and will not affecting the normal operation of business while doing a upgrade
Temperature detection, active cooling, improve equipment performance and service
Support Standard and High Definition MPEG-2, H.264, AVS, MPEG-4 Codec Format
Management via WEB GUI

Technical Specifications

Gigabit Ethernet Input
2+2 SFP interface,optical or electrical Port
Support full load bit rate
IP Encapsulation MPEG TS over UDP/IP

QAM Module
six QAM RF module slots
each module has two QAM RF ports
each port is capable of supporting up to 4 adjacent QAM channels
Every frequency point can individually choose the opening and closing states

QAM RF Output
Connector F-Type,75 Ω
2 RF ports per module
RF Output Level:105-120 dbuV(0.5dBuV step)
RF frequency range: 47 to 1000 MH,1kHz steps
QAM Constellations: 16,32, 64,128,256
Bandwidth:8 Mhz
QAM Encoding:ITU-T J.83 Annex A(DVB)
Symbol rate:43.6~6.952Mbaud/s(8M BW)
Output Return Loss: ≥14dB
Restrain Carrier:58dB
MER: ≥38dB
SNR: ≥60Db

MPEG-TS Processing
188/204 byte self-adaptive, a maximum numbe of 7 TS packets for each UDP
MPEG2,MPEG4,H.264 and other programs output
Support UDP, RTP, IGMPv3 protocols, etc.
Network anti- Dithering capacity is larger than 1000ms
PCR anti- Dithering capacity is less than 500ns
Support PSI/SI list processing,re-mapping

100M Base-T Ethernet,RJ45,WEB(IE8 or Firefox)Environment
Comply to GB13837-92 & GB8898-88 standard
Power Supply:dual power redundancy,AC 160- 250V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 50 W
Operating temperature:-10 - 50°C
Storage temperature: -10 - 75°C
Dimensions: 535(L)×484(W)×44(H) (1RU)
Weight: 8kg